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Arumi Bachsin Erotic Pictures

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Data Arumi Bachsin Biodata :

Full Name : Arumi Bachsin
Alternative Name : Arumi Bachin, Arumi Buchsin, Arumi Bahsin
Nickname : Arumi
Tempat / Tanggal Lahir : Jakarta, 19 Februari 1994
Zodiak : Aquarius
Father : Rudi Bachsin
Mother : Maria Lilian Pesch
Ukuran Bra / BH / Celana Dalam : 32B / unknown
Relationship : Afghan Syach Reza (gosip)
Occupation : Model, Actress
Education : SD Kartika Sari, SMP Tirta Buaran Jakarta Timur, Homeschooling
Hobby : Swimming, Dancing
Favorite Perfumes : Britney, Bvlgari
Makanan Favorit : Udang, Pepek
Alamat Rumah : Jagakarsa, Ragunan Jakarta
Commercial Talent For : Elith and Miraton, Cosmo Girl, Telkomsel Kartu As, Roma Slai Olai rasa Pineapple

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Film Arumi Bachsin :
- Best Friend (2008) as Windy, with Nikita Willy, Risty Tagor, Ira Wibowo, Donita, Oka Antara, Arswendy Nasution
- Janda Kembang, with Ringgo Agus Rahman, Luna Maya, Sarah Sechan, Marissa Nasution, Sita Nursanti

Sinetron Arumi Bachsin :
- Chelsea
- Dia Bukan Cinderella as Rasti
- Cintaku

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Foto Biografi Arumi Bachsin :

Arumi Bachsin, also known as Arumi Bachin, Arumi Buchsin, Arumi Bahsin was born in Jakarta, 19 Februari 1994. Arumi has mix blood from Germany Palembang and Dutch from her parents, Rudi Bachsin and Maria Lilian Pesch. She's a young star and talented actress at entertainment world. Arumi Bachsin started his career as a model and then get a bid to engage sinetron. With a beautiful face, white skin and sweet smile, Arumi very easily to penetrate competitive the world artists.

To maintain health, Arumi Bachsin always swim regularly and eat nutritious food. Although his father's work as architects, but Arumi want to become a psychologist if she is mature. Arumi Bachsin very proud of her parents, because they strongly support his career. Arumi Bachsin also very rarely get a bad gossip, she never foto Arumi Bachsin telanjang or photo Arumi Bachsin bugil on the internet or other media, but only koleksi foto Arumi Bachsin wallpaper that we can found. I will try to get nomer hp telpon and her email. Hope Arumi Bachsin's career increase higher and more popular, because she has a talent.

Artis Eva Anindhita Foto Merangsang

Biodata Foto Eva Anindhita :

Full Name : Eva Anindhita
Alternative Name : Eva Anindita
Nama Panggilan : Eva
Place / date of birth : Bandung, Jawa Barat 15 Agustus 1985
Zodiak : Leo
Father : Raden Asep Sulaeman
Mother : Popon Permasih
Sister : Shenny Andrea
Height / weight : 159 / 45 kg
Ukuran BH Bra : 32B / 34 B
Religion : Islam
Occupation : Artis Sinetron, Model
Education : SMA 2 Cimahi, Bandung
Hobby : Travelling, Shoes collection
Favorite Food : Sunda Food

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Judul Film Eva Anindhita :
- Catatan Akhir Sekolah, with Vino Bastian, Ramon Y Tungka, Christian Sugiono dan Joanna Alexandra and Marcel Chandrawinata
- Suster Ngesot, with Nia Ramadhani, Mike Lewis, Donita, Lia Waode

Judul Sinetron Eva Anindita :
- Azizah
- Romantika Remaja
- Hikmah - Demi Waktu
- Siti Nurbaya - Ciklet
- Mimpi Manis - Joe Bebek Emas
- Cinta dan Anugerah as Chintya, with Yasmine Leeds Wildblood, Miller, Ashraf Sinclair, Cut Sarah, Wilda Hamid and Nabila Syakieb

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Biografi Eva Anindhita :
Eva Anindhita, better known as Eva Anindita was born in Bandung, 15 Agustus 1985 from Sundanese couple Raden Sulaeman and Popon Permasih, also has a sister Shenny Andrea (ex Okan Kornelius girlfriend). Eva Anindhita has a beautiful face, erotic eye, sensual lips, but wicked and cruel so it makes she's very suitable as figure antagonis. I think, she's the most sensual woman in Indonesia, altough she has cewek dada rata or payudara kecil, not like payudara Dewi Persik, susu Julia Perez or buah dada Happy Salma toge who has big breast.

foto cewek dugem Eva Anindita

As a young girl, Eva Anindita is very beautiful sexy girl. She has interesting eyes and makes many young boy and lelaki hidung belang want to marry or just a friend but cordial with her. As an artist, she is very clever and smart in acting. Look at the pictures, photo Eva Anindhita pictures, gadis cantik sensual but not foto Eva Anindhita telanjang bugil wallpaper. You can't find gambar foto memek cewek perempuan here, this is only information and photo Eva Anindita profil.

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Intip Celana Dalam Anita Hara

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Profil Biodata Anita Hara :

Full Name : Anita Hasiana Hutapea / Anita Harahap
Alternative Name : Anita Hara
Nickname : Anita Hara, Nita
Place / Date of birth : Pekanbaru, 29 Maret 1977
Ukuran Bra BH : 34D
Zodiak : Pisces
Occupation : Presenter, Singer, Actress Model
Education : SMA LabSchool Rawamangun, Atmajaya University majoring Psychology
Hobby : Singing, Travelling

photo Anita Hara pictures wallpaper
Biografi Foto Anita Hara :

Anita Hara who have full name Anita Harahap (gossip said, her real name is Anita Hasiana Hutapea) was born in Pekanbaru, 29 Maret 1977 altough at the press conference release she always said that she was born on 29 March 1980, but actually I don't know the year she was born. Anita Hara started her career as a misterious guest Jeng Iskhan (Jeng Iskan) and then she continue with the profession as presenter Ada Gosip in SCTV. What's interesting about her, of course, breast large size of the payudara or buah dada Anita Hara so that many men are interested because Anita Hara cantik sexy and beautiful girl. Look at the pictures, you can see photo intip celana dalam Anita Hara and intip foto payudara Anita Hara there.

Eko Patrio try to ngintip payudara Anita Hara Jeng Iskhan

Currently, the singer penyanyi Anita Hara trying to fill the time asas vocalist with the record label Nagaswara and producered by Charly ST12. Lagu Anita Hara songs that start famous and ngetop is Dasar Cowok, whether in the minstrelsy song describes her feelings to the man ? Of course I do not know, but you can see biodata Anita Hara foto, foto-foto koleksi foto Anita Hara and semua tentang Anita Hara photo here.

foto celana dalam cewek Anita Hara, so hot sexy girl

Amy Qanita, Sexy Beautiful Widow

Amy Qanita is a mother of Raffi Ahmad, a famous artist who tune by all people. Amy Qanita is a young beautiful widow because still have sexy body and pretty face. No wonder some people call Amy Qanita as hot mom of the year, or the most beautiful widow in the world. Amy Qanita is a wise mother, friendly and beautiful so many men are interested to become her husband.

photo Raffi Ahmad with his sexy beautiful mom, Amy Qanita wallpaper

the most beautiful widow, Amy Qanita pictures

I rate, Ami Qanita deserves to be one of the Indonesian artist sinetron like her son Raffi Ahmad, because she's very beautiful and interesting. But I can't find more information biodata Amy Qanita, I only can provide you some foto Amy Qanita pictures and gallery photo Amy Qanita wallpaper. Is she really hot mom? Yes, I think.

foto Amy Qanita family