Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Agnes Monica Never Foto Bugil

  • Name : Agnes Monica Muljoto
  • Nick Name : Nyez, Amon
  • Place / date of birth : Jakarta, 1 Juli 1986
  • Zodiak : Cancer
  • Father : Ricky Muljoto
  • Mother : Jeanny Siswono
  • Height / weight : 165 cm / 49 kg
  • Relationship : Dirly Indonesian Idol (was)
  • Religion : Kristen
  • Occupation : Singer, Actress
  • Education : SD Tarakanita Pluit, SLTP-SMU Pelita Harapan, Pelita Harapan University majoring Law (not finished)
  • Hobby : Ice Skate, Badminton
  • Favorite Color : Blue, yellow and black
Music Album :
  • ... And The Story Goes ... (2003)
  • Whaddup A...?! (2005)
  • Sacredly Agnezious (2008)
Advertising :
Pewangi SO Klin, Biore, Poshboy, Jas Jus, Sambal Sasa, Capri-Zone, New Era, Honda Vario, Sakatonik ABG, Jamu Tolak Angin, Teh Patuha, Printer Espon, Fren, Nature Shampo, Kopi Singa, Relaxa

Agnes Monica Biography :
Agnes Monica begin her career when she was young as presenter and children singer, not only the champion processed the vowel, but the girl who born in July 1 1986, also successfull as actress, it was proven at Pernikahan-Dini sinetron tittle with Sahrul Gunawan and make her name increasingly bounced. Agnes Monica always innovative and dynamic in the music and gained some achievement award for her career.

Agnes Monica decided to leave her lecture at Pelita Harapan University and more focus in the world entertainment as an actress and singer, because she has a dream to Go-International. Many achievements have been gained, like as Most Favorite Female MTV 2006, Popular Actress 2006, Most Favorite Female MTV Indonesia 2008 and many more. She was very serious with her career because I couldn't find foto telanjang Agnes Monica or foto bugil Agnes Monica spread on internet, and I trust she is a talented actress.

At THE HOSPITAL film Agnes Monica play with Jerry Yan, a Taiwan actor and also make a music album duet with Keith Martin at WHADDUP A...?! In May 2007, Agnes also join as the opening concert Boyz II Men at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Altough she never rumored foto cewek bugil, gadis bugil, gambar cewek telanjang or gambar gadis telanjang but Agnes Monica rumored intimate with Dirly, an Indonesian Idol's runner up. Some peoples say, Agnes Monica is copycat Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. I don’t know, but this girl has a good voice, hot sexy singer and and she also can dance.

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foto Agnes Monica si gadis cantik

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