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Fahrani Empel, Piala Citra Aktris Terbaik FFI 2008

  • Name : Fahrani Hasanah Pawaka Empel
  • Stage Name : Fahrani Empel
  • Place / date of birth : Jakarta, 27 September 1984
  • Zodiak : Libra
  • Father : Frans Van Empel
  • Mother : Vonny Rahayu Pawaka
  • Siblings : The oldest of two, has 1 little brother Giovanni Fadhillah
  • Height / weight : 179 cm / 58 kg
  • Occupation : Actress, Supermodel
  • Education : Al-Azhar School (Jakarta), Setia Budi High School (Jakarta), John Casablanca’s International Modelling School (best graduate)
  • Hobby : Travelling, Shoemaking, Running her own shoes company “Partner in Crime"
  • Favorite Celebs : Kate Blanchett
  • Commercial Talent For : Coca-Cola, Gudang-Garam, L'Oreal
Movies Title :
- Lupus (serial television as a teen girl namely Nyit-Nyit)
- Novel tanpa huruf R (2004), with Lola Amaria, Agastya
- Supermodel I, II (2006 - FTV)
- Kala (2007), with Fachri Albar, Tipi Jabrik and Shanty
- Radit dan Jani (2008), with Vino Bastian ; directed by Upi Avianto

Video Clip :
- Kita - Sheila on 7 (2000)
- Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu - Kerispatih (2008)

Fashion Shows :
- Giorgio Armani fashion show (Tokyo-2006)
- Gucci fashion show (Hong Kong-2006)
- Millan Fashion Week (Italy-2006)
- Spring and Summer at Milan Fashion Week 2007, Paris Fashion Week 2007 and New York Fashion Week 2007

Agencies :
- Woman Management (Italy)
- Voice Models (Japan)
- Red Models (Thailand)
- Elite Model Look (Indonesia)

Awards for Fahrani Empel :
1. Nominasi Pemeran Utama Wanita Terbaik dalam Piala Vidia di FFI 2006
2. Pemeran Utama Wanita Terbaik FFI 2008

Fahrani Empel Biography :

Fahrani Hasanah Pawaka Empel, more popular with Fahrani Empel was born in Jakarta, 27 September 1984. She is one of Indonesian models who success to go international, also as an Indonesian actress has won Pemeran Utama Wanita Terbaik FFI 2008 through film Radit dan Jani. She has been working for 6 international fashion shows in the world’s cities of mode such as Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore for 5 different international agencies. Her mother was also Indonesian top model in the late 70’s.

Fahrani started her career from the very young at age 5 by starring several commercials and soap operas. When she was 13 she entered John Casablanca’s school of modelling and graduated with predicate the best student. Under John Casablanca’s Agency she frequently showed up in fashion shows and soap operas. When she was 15 years old she joined a prestigious event Elite Model Look 1999 and came out as the runner up. This made her became the representative for Indonesia in Elite Model Look International New York.

In summer school holiday she took an offer from Hong Kong fashion show for one month. And because they felt satisfy with her job, they offered her a long term contract. She then decided to leave her second year of high school for Hong Kong. She lived in Hong Kong for 4.5 years and travelled around the world for fashion shows in Tokyo, Singapore, Milan, and Paris. Then she moved to Japan and lived there for 1.5 years before moving back to Indonesia again. In 2006 she worked in 3 international events : Giorgio Armani fashion show in Tokyo, Gucci fashion show in Hong Kong, Milan Fashion Week in Italy. Besides Elite Model agency, she also works for several international agencies such as: Woman Management (Italy), Voice Models (Japan) and Red Models (Thailand).

Back to Jakarta, in 2006 she received an offer to play in films about model: “Super Model I” and “Super Model II”, directed by famous international awards winner director Garin Nugroho. In the following year she played a film “Kala” where she got good criticizes. For the year 2007 she’s running on her goal to work in New York and also running her own shoe company in Bali. She’s going to work for Spring and Summer fashion shows at : Milan Fashion Week 2007, Paris Fashion Week 2007 and New York Fashion Week 2007.

In 2008, Fahrani get main role film for first debut in "Radit dan Jani" (with Vino Bastian, directed by Upi Avianto) and won Piala Citra as Best Actress at Indonesian Film Festival 2008 Bandung.

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