Monday, December 29, 2008

Marlin Taroreh, Exotic Bikini Photoshoot

Name : Marlin Taroreh
Nickname : Marlin
Place / date of birth : Timor Timur, 18 April 1987
Height / weight : 165 cm / 52 kg
Hobby : Automotive, Gadget, Shopping
Size : Shirts S : Pants 28 : Bra 34B

foto gadis desa Marlin Taroreh (pics from Popular magz)

You are really lucky if you have a curvaceous, voluptuous type of figure for you can flaunt your hourglass figure with any type of swimsuit. You can go wild with a pair of really hot bikini, but remember always use protection skin to avoid disease on your skin, especially skin cancer.

If you have a long and lean body with width same at the hips, waistline and shoulders, try a pair of hot swimsuit that has a belted bottom. Remember Ursula Andress in her white buckled bottom bikini or Halle Berry in her orange buckled bottom bikini in James Bond Movies? Those types of hot bikinis will create a balance you need for your body type and it will make you look even sexier.

To avoid from skin cancer when wearing beautiful bikinis at summer, the sun’s UV rays also cause premature aging, immunosuppression (weakening of the body’s ability to protect itself from cancer and other diseases), also cataracts and macular degeneration. So use sunscreen when you're wearing sexy bikini at summer.

perawan desa cantik Marlin Taroreh

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