Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Naomi Angela, Safety Swimwear Model

Name : Naomi Angela
Nickname : Naomi
Place / date of birth : Surabaya, 29 April 1977
Height / weight : 172cm /50Kg
Occupation : Actress, Model
Hobby : Travelling, Automotive, Gadgets
Size : Shirts M : Bra 36

Naomi Angela with sexy photo swimwear (taken from Popular magz)

If you have small waist and wants to highlight that part of your body, then try to draw the attention of people by wearing a cut away swimsuit. This kind of swimsuit will give you a sexier look than one piece and will prove to be more stylish than a simple bikini. Such a piece will definitely draw the attention of people to your waist part and away from other body parts.

Do you have a large waist that needs to be concealed? Go for a takini. A takini is a cross between a bikini and a swimsuit liked by all those who are not much confident wearing a bikini or have got bored of one piece swimsuit. A takini gives you freedom of a two piece with the coverage almost of a one piece.

More than a million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year and one in 5 Americans will get skin cancer in the course of a lifetime, Melanoma accounts for 3/4 of all deaths from skin cancer, which adds up to over 7900 American lives each year. So, my advice is use safety swimwear when you go to beach or swimming.

sexy photo collections Naomi Angela

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