Saturday, December 20, 2008

Patricia Oktavia Indonesian Swimsuit Model 2009

Name : Patricia Oktavia
Nickname : Petty
Place / date of birth : Palembang, 4 October 1983
Height / weight : 166 cm
Occupation : Model
Education : Modelling John Robert Power
Hobby : Travelling, Shopping, Electronics
Size : Shirts S : Pants 27 : Bra 36B

While selecting a swimsuit keep in mind the frequency of wearing swimsuits and functionality of the swimwear; in other words activities you will be wearing the swimsuit. Look at Patricia Oktavia's swimsuit, that's very beautiful and pretty. You may want a swimsuit just for swimming, just for laying out and being fashionable and/or a swimsuit for being active. Each swimsuit is a key piece added to your wardrobe and with proper care with last for many years.

There is swimwear available that are specially designed for pregnant women. Experience the fun of poolside activities during your pregnancy with a right kind of maternity swimwear. Pick up a two piece maternity swimsuit that has extra support or if you feel conscious then a single piece skirted swimsuit or wrap front tankini that would hide your little bulge will be great and make you more comfortable.

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The American Cancer Society and Cancer Councils around the world, together with dermatologists and pediatricians recommend UV Swimwear, UV Swimsuits and Sun Protective Clothing be worn for appropriate Skin Cancer Prevention. Melanoma accounts for 3/4 of all deaths from skin cancer, which adds up to over 7900 American lives each year. While melanoma is uncommon in African, American, Australian, and Asians, it is most deadly for these populations.

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