Friday, December 19, 2008

Velove Vexia Artis Cantik Indonesia

  • Name : Velove Vexia Kaligis
  • Nick name : Velove Vexia
  • Place / date of birth : Jakarta 13 Maret 1990
  • Zodiak : Pisces
  • Father : OC Kaligis
  • Mother : Alfa Lolita
  • Height / weight : 176 cm / 53 kg
  • Relationship : Raffi Ahmad (was), Banyu Biru (just rumor)
  • Religion : Islam
  • Occupation : Actress
  • Education : Valentine School France, SD - SMA Global Jaya, Jakarta
  • Hobbies & Interest : Travelling, Shoes & Bags, Reading, Pretty Boy
  • Favorite Color : Black, Purple, Gold
  • Favorite Food : Lasagna
  • Favorite Drink : Ice Lemon Tea
  • Sinetron : Olivia (2007), Khanza (2008)
  • Commercial Talent For : Kotex, Biore
  • Video clip model : Ihsan Idol, The Titans

Velove Vexia, pretty Indonesian socialite actress

Velove Vexia, who have full name Velove Vexia Kaligis was born at Jakarta, March 13th 1990. Velove is daughter of OC Kaligis, an Indonesian famous lawyer and Alfa Lolita. In early career, Velove is often being model of some teenage magazines such as Gadis and Cosmo Girl, she also student of SMU Global Jaya and she's very famous there because Velove Vexia, a siswa pelajar SMU jomblo so beautiful and cute sexy babes.

Her hobbies are reading and travelling. “Education is principal and acting is just variation, I want to be like my mom being a successful business woman. And I hope can study in Canada after graduate from my Global Jaya high school”, Velove Vexia si gadis cantik said to tabloid journalist.
She also known as actress on Olivia and Khanza sinetron, she was very funny, beautiful and sexy on that movies. She was also reported had close relationship with Raffi Ahmad, an Indonesian's handsome actor but the relationship was ended.

Velove Vexia and Friends on vacation