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Marcella Zalianty : Bankruptcy After Under Arrest ?

kaskus artis, is she kaskuser?
  • Name : Marcella Zalianty
  • Nickname : Celly, Marcell
  • Place / date of birth : Jakarta, 7 Maret 1980
  • Zodiak : Pisces
  • Father : Gozali Amran
  • Mother : Tetty Liz Indriati
  • Siblings : Olivia Zalianty
  • Height / weight : 172 cm / 53 kg
  • Size : Shirt : M, Shoes : 39 - 40
  • Relationship : Adjie Massaid, Alfay Rauf Diah (ex Rahma Azhari husband), Abel (ex-Sophia Latjuba's boyfriend), Ananda Mikola
  • Religion : Islam
  • Occupation : Actress
  • Education : Pelita Harapan University, majoring Public Relation
  • Hobby : basket, fitness
  • Favourite Color : White, Cream, Pink
  • Favourite Food : Siomay, pasta, sashimi, tuna sandwich, sate ayam
  • Favourite Perfumes : Perry Ellis, Victoria Secret
  • Commercial Ad For : Visine, Smile UP, Giv, Nokia, Emeron, Mentari, Indomie, Xon-Ce, Citra, Fiber, Ponds, Hemaviton Action
Marcella's Movies Title :
* Bintang Jatuh (2000) as Selly, playing with Dian Sastrowardoyo, Indra Birowo, M. Gary Iskak
* Tragedi
* Eliana, Eliana (2002), playing with Rachel Maryam, Henidar Amroe, Indra Birowo
* Tusuk Jelangkung (2003), playing with Thomas Nawilis, Dinna Olivia, Samuel Rizal
* The Soul (2003), with Natasya Septiani Irawan, Iqbal Pakula.
* Brownies (2005) as Mel, with Arie K. Untung, Bucek Depp, Luna Maya, Philip Jusuf
* Missing (2005), with Essa Puji Lestari, Restu Sinaga, Endhita, Inong
* Belahan Jiwa (2005), with Dian Sastrowardoyo, Rachel Maryam and Nirina Zubir
* Denias, Senandung Diatas Awan (2006), with Albert Thom Joshua Fakdawer, Ari Sihasale, Nia Zulkarnaen
* Under The Tree (2008), with Dwi Sasono, Ikranegara, Nadia Saphira and Ayu Laksmi
* Takut (2008), with Dinna Olivia, Fauzi Baadila, Lukman Sardi, Eva Celia Latjuba, Mike Muliadro.
* Lastri (2009), with Dwi Sasono, Slamet Rahardjo Djarot, Tio Pakusadewon Artika Sari Devi and Lukman Sardi.

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Biography Marcella Zalianty :
Marcella Zalianty is one of Indonesia’s sweethearts, was born in Jakarta, March 7, 1980 who descendants of Chinese and Batak. She is an actress also sexy model who starring Bintang Jatuh, Tusuk Jelangkung, Brownies, Belahan Jiwa, Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan, Under The Tree and the latest film, Lastri (not released). Marcella is couple Gozali Amran-Tetty Liz Indriati's daughter and also sibling of Olivia Zalianty.

Marcella Zalianty was arrested by Indonesian police on 4th December 2008 on charges of arranging for the kidnap and assault of Agung Setiawan, who owed money to Marcella and had missed a deadline for making an installment payment of 50 million rupiah. Agung Setiawan claims he was kidnapped, held for one night, and then taken to Marcella’s office, and during this ordeal beaten up, crueled, violence and tortured with lit cigarettes, sexual harrasment and even sodomised with a spoon by several men, witnessed by Ananda Mikola and Moreno Suprapto at the behest of Marcella Zalianty.

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Besides Marcela Zalianty, also arrested Ananda Mikola, Sergio Zalianty, M. Harianto, Yoga Mega Permana and Ruli Hasbi. Meanwhile, Moreno Soeprapto only as a witness. Some gossip said, after Marcella arrested then she got bankruptcy due to financial crisis because of the delayed production of her latest films, Lastri. She had spent a lot of money to produced that film, and time due to a pending cause production costs increase so that the money spent and the resulting financial rarefy, savings exhausted and got bankruptcy.