Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sexy Nokia Promotion Girls

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The SPG Nokia cute sexy girls promote some Nokia mobile phone products, like as Nokia 5130, 5220, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 6600 slide, Nokia E51, E71, Nokia Communicator E90, Nokia N78, N79, Nokia N96, N97 and Nokia N86 8MP. "Nokia use Symbian operating systems on the smartphone, but other competitor products use mobile device iPhone OS, RIM's BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Linux, Palm WebOS and Android", said sales promotion girls at Nokia exhibition centre to

sexy sales promotion girl with Nokia cellphone

They're really professional sales promotion girl from Nokia, not SPG bispak or cewek panggilan altough maybe some of them still study as student at school sekolah or university universitas. If you really want to be a wanita SPG Nokia, you must have tall height, sexy body, fotogenik and pretty face. They come from many cities in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipina and Singapore... for example from Sumatera Barat, Bukittinggi, Padang, Padangpanjang, Payakumbuh, Sawahlunto, Solok, Banten, Tangerang, Cilegon, Serang, Papua, Sorong and Kepulauan Seribu. What do you prefer choose, the girls or Nokia smartphones ?

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