Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not SPG Bisyar, U Mild Racing Girls

They are not mahasiswi SPG bisyar, because they work professional as sales promotion woman at racing competition. Using white shirts and blue skirts, they are looks sexy, cute and smart. I saw the women at U Mild racing circuit at my town, they are very polite and have enchain style, make a man's eyes shine bright.
Bispak Sulawesi
sexy umbrella girls, at motoGP racing line
Look at the girl who wear an umbrella, and the others pose to the camera to look beautiful... actually they are really wanita beautiful girls with sweet smile. Maybe I want to make one of them as girlfriend lovers or pair of life.
Bispak BalikpapanBispak Samarinda
paha mulus cewek SPG U Mild, so cute and sexy

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