Friday, June 12, 2009

Foto Ciuman Cinta Laura Kiehl Kissing Bule

Last week we shocked with outstanding news foto ciuman Cinta Laura Kiehl kissing with boyfriend bule. Pose foto nakal Cinta Laura with a cowok bule spread from facebook property account owned Cinta Laura who had been in intimate photos. I'm not sure where he come from, maybe from United States America, England or France. Foto-foto ciuman and foto intim artis Cinta Laura Kiehl can be seen below.

gambar cium mesra Cinta Laura and boyfriend wallpaper

In the images appears photo Cinta Laura behind the young bule boy. While pria bule hug Cinta Laura Kiehl from behind and kissed the left cheek and embrace memagut leher the rising star sinetron Air Mata Cinta, Cinta Laura. Gadis cantik montok birth at Quakenbruck, Germany, 17 August 1993 said that the intimate images, or foto mesra that may be assigned by her friend who was taken from her facebook account. Fortunately, Cinta Laura has orangtua wise mother and father, Herdiana and Michael Kiehl who always supporting her career.

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