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Nikita Willy, Between Jobs Career and Study

Biodata Nikita Willy Profil :
  • Name : Nikita Purnama Willy
  • Alternate Name : Nikita Willy, Nikita Wily, Nikita Wili
  • Place / date of birth : Jakarta, 29 Juni 1994
  • Zodiak : Cancer
  • Relationship : unknown
  • Religion : Islam
  • Occupation : Student, Actress, Model, Ads
  • Education : SMPN 99 Jakarta
  • Hobby : Shopping, Hangout, Handphone
  • Favorite Color : Black, White
Commercial Talent Iklan For :
Milton, Citra Body Lotion, Pigeon, Choki-Choki, Total Detergent, Holland Bakery, Bank BNI, Bank BII, Roma Wafer Chocholate

Judul Film Nikita Willy / Filmography :
- Best Friend (2008), playing with Risti Tagor, Stefen Umboh, Ira Wibowo, Donita, Oka Antara, Arswendi Nasution, Karina Suwandi
- Married By Accident / MBA (2008), with Marcell Darwin, Ikang Fawzi, Marini Zumarnis, Rizki Putra, Deby Ayu, Leonil Tikoalu and Tino Saroengallo

foto Nikita Willy sexy teen girl

Judul Sinetron Nikita Willy :

- Bulan dan Bintang as Bintang, directed by Sharad Sharan ; playing with Rimarsha, Dicky Wahyudi, Cut Tari, Attar Syach, Ida Helena and Ponco Buwono
- Rubiah, with Rifki Haidar, Nanda Ramadhan, Mim Sulton Max, Rifat Sungkar, Inne Azri, Annisa, Donna Harun and Achul Wirapermata.
- Roman Picisan as Chika, playing with Evan Sanders, Chintami Atmanegara and Bayu Ari Utomo
- Ratu Malu dan Jendral Kancil, directed by Harry Dagoe
- Si Cecep, with Tamara Blezynski, Anjasmara, Nani Wijaya, Bella Saphira, Happy Salma
- Habibi dan Habibah, with Lyra Virna, Tommy Kurniawan, Natalie Sarah, Ratu Felisha
- Pacar Pilihan, with Ben Joshua, Bunga Zainal, Samuel Zilgwyn, Tya Ariesta, Gita Sinaga, Puadin Redi
- Pengantin Kecilku, with Herman Felanie
- Cookies, with Mentari, Samuel Zylgwyn, Putri Titian, Afifah Syahira, Derisa Eka Putri, Elvisa, Navisa
- FTV Mak Comblang Jatuh Cinta with Ricky Harun, Yuniza U, Sharon Malissa, Susilo Hendarto
- FTV Ratu Cinta Kilat
- FTV Good Boy Vs Good Girl
- Nikita as Nikita, with Dude Herlino, Jonas Rivanno, Dirly Idol, Cathy Sharon, Raya Kohandi, Jessica Mila, Lidya Kandau, Anwar Fuady, Rudi Salam, Debby Cynthia Dewi, Yati Surahman and Conny Sutedja Hebring

Nikita Willy wallpapers

Biografi Nikita Willy Biography :

Nikita Purnama Willy, better known as Nikita Willy or Nikita Willi was born in Jakarta, 20 June 1994. Nikita is a sexy young Indonesian actress. She started his career in the world entertainment world since 7 years old through sinetron Moon and Stars.

Nikita Willy must share time cleverly, because her jobs career always full. "I want to balance between work career and education lessons at my school. I take a job that does not disrupt study and school education, after finishing study at school then she always immediately go to shooting location for working and searching jobs careers. I do not want the value of lessons study ugly because I work hard, because I want to continue to higher education at the best university in the world," Nikita Willy said.

Education is important, but Nikita Willy did not want to leave the job that resulted in a lot of money. For that, Nikita often call best teachers for learning, so that lessons in school is not left behind and she still can clever and smart in her study and can continue to the university. Nikita Willy is very fortunate, because the office where he worked in career and the family fully supports her efforts and hard work.

photo Nikita Willy pictures gallery

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Indosat Telecommunication Sales Promotion Girls

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Do you want to see a beautiful sexy girls? You never find foto telanjang SPG or foto SPG bugil here, but you can see many cewek beautiful woman pictures.. Come to the nearest Galeri Indosat, because many customer service girls and sales girl promotion from Indosat are hot sexy women. PT Indosat Tbk is line telecommunications operator company in Asia. Indosat is the second largest telecommunications and multimedia company in Indonesia for cellular services (Mentari, Matrix, IM3, StarOne).

foto gadis manis Indosat cellular provider

The Indosat girls service very excellent, so I use Indosat for my cellular phone. Indosat branch offices spread across Indonesia and even to a small town such as Sulawesi Barat, kota Polewali Mandar, Mamasa, Majene, Mamuju, Makassar, Palopo, Pare-Pare, Gorontalo, Boalemo, Bone Bolango, kabupaten Pohuwato, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Bima, Mataram, Dompu, Lombok, Sumbawa and Taliwang. Indosat products offer GSM Mentari card with prefix number 0815, 0816 and 0858, Matrix card with prefix number 0814, 0815, 0816, 0855, kartu IM3 nomor awal 0856, 0857 and StarOne CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access).

After successfully getting gadis SPG Indosat phone numbers then what would I do? Ahhh.... more likely to be a good phone friends and capricious at night through my mobile smartphone and BlackBerry phone.

Customer Service Telkomsel Sexy Women

These are some beautiful pretty foto customer services women and sales promotion girls from Telkomsel. Telkomsel is an Indonesian cellular telecommunication company, subsidiary of PT Telkom. As the biggest GSM provider in Indonesia and the first company in Asia that offered GSM prepaid service, customer service Telkomsel very succesfull to promote many different Telkomsel cellular telecommunication products to loyal customers and the general public.

Sales promotion Telkom girl that I met in a handphone shopping center in Jakarta some time ago said, "iPhone 3G will be sold in GraPARI this end of March. The latest 3G iPhone smartphone can be used throughout the Telkomsel network (2G or 3G), and is able to detect Wifi hotspot network automatically, so it is very powerful for the use of high-speed Internet browsing and multimedia anytime and anywhere."

sexy Telkomsel customer service putih mulus

I got many useful information from sexy customer service woman and beautiful Telkom SPG there, all of them are gadis SPG seksi and cewek SPG cantik (look at the foto photo pictures). Then I know the prefix number of Telkomsel service provider like as kartu Simpati with prefix number 0812 and 0813, kartu As with nomer awal 0852 and 0853, kartuHALO prefix number 0811, 0812 and 0813. Telkomsel Flash is a 3.5G service and using HSDPA technology with speeds up to a maximum of 3.6 Mbps, and the latest BlackBerry services.

foto SPG pictures gallery

Many of them come from small cities such as Kutai Kartanegara, Tenggarong, Sangatta Malinau, Nunukan, Kalimantan Timur, kota Samarinda, Tarakan, Balikpapan, Bontang, Berau, Bulungan, kabupaten Penajam Paser Utara, Tana Tidung, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung and Pangkal Pinang. Because discipline, diligent, and had marketing science, they successfully to make sales so that Telkomsel company products has been increasing.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

SPG Sony-Ericsson Phone Babes

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Promotion Sales Girls, or SPG at trade/sales promotion activities is designed to attract attention, so that exhibition visitors or shopping centre want to come to their stand and interest with their products company. At exhibition centre, some Sony-Ericsson babes promote cellphone and smartphones from Sony-Ericsson, they explain about the functions and benefits of Sony-Ericsson mobile-phone products, SE Xperia X1, Sony Ericsson P990 / P990i / P990c, W910i Walkman-Phone, W61S Cyber-Shot, W980 Music-Phone, SE W850i, K550i, P3i and other various Sony-Ericsson products.

Sony Ericsson promotion girls at smartphone exhibition

Those cewek cantik SPG Sony-Ericsson images are not of my photographs, I found when browsing the internet. They looks like wanita sexy, cewe cute, gadis pretty and wonderful beautifully. As sales promotion girls, they must smart and had knowledge the Sony Ericsson products that they promote, also prohibited bugil or telanjang in front of the camera. Some of them foto SPG come from kabupaten Dharmasraya, Kepulauan Mentawai, Lima Puluh Kota, Padang Pariaman, Pasaman, Pesisir Selatan, Sijunjung, Solok, Manokwari, Jayapura, Tanah Datar, Lebak, Pandeglang and other region in Asia.
gadis SPG cantik in action, so cute and sexy

Sexy Nokia Promotion Girls

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The SPG Nokia cute sexy girls promote some Nokia mobile phone products, like as Nokia 5130, 5220, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 6600 slide, Nokia E51, E71, Nokia Communicator E90, Nokia N78, N79, Nokia N96, N97 and Nokia N86 8MP. "Nokia use Symbian operating systems on the smartphone, but other competitor products use mobile device iPhone OS, RIM's BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Linux, Palm WebOS and Android", said sales promotion girls at Nokia exhibition centre to

sexy sales promotion girl with Nokia cellphone

They're really professional sales promotion girl from Nokia, not SPG bispak or cewek panggilan altough maybe some of them still study as student at school sekolah or university universitas. If you really want to be a wanita SPG Nokia, you must have tall height, sexy body, fotogenik and pretty face. They come from many cities in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipina and Singapore... for example from Sumatera Barat, Bukittinggi, Padang, Padangpanjang, Payakumbuh, Sawahlunto, Solok, Banten, Tangerang, Cilegon, Serang, Papua, Sorong and Kepulauan Seribu. What do you prefer choose, the girls or Nokia smartphones ?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sexy Blackberry Phone Girls

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We all know about BlackBerry, a smartphone released by Research In Motion (RIM) Canada which supports push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet fax, web browsing and other wireless information services as well as a multi-touch interface. Why I give a tittle Sexy Blackberry Phone Girls, because many artists and celebrities women use this smartphone as a lifestyle and communication with other friends.

Marshanda & Khanza also use BlackBerry smartphones

Velove Vexia, an Indonesian artist who starring Khanza always call her people using the Black Berry Pearl and green color. Velove Vexia, a son of happy couple OC. Kaligis and Alfa Lolita who will study at Paris bring this cellphone everywhere she go. Many artists also use this smart gadget especially after Barack Obama has successfully won the President Election with BlackBerry's help... this mobile phone not only as lifestyle, because the features specifications many complete. Not only Velove, Donita (Noni Annisa Ramadhani), Luna Maya, Wulan Guritno (a beautiful princess), Marshanda Aqso and Madina, Titi Kamal, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Rianti Cartwright, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Dewi Sandra, Christian Sugiono, Titi DJ, Tompi, Maya Estianty, Hedi Yunus, Darwis Triadi and others Indonesian celebrities use it as communication, chatting, send email and for lifestyle at their relationship with other people. Even, Virnie Ismail (Virnie Safitri) use three unit mobile phone for her communication, Black Berry Curve, Nokia E-90 and i-Phone. Especially Luna Maya, an XL commercial ads girl give BlackBerry as a gift to her sweet boyfriend Olga Syahputra at his birthday.

Velove Vexia and Luna Maya use BlackBerry phone (pics from

Some of them use BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Storm and the older series like BlackBerry Curve 8900 (Javelin) and Blackberry Pearl 8220 (Kickstart) which device models released from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.. only little celebs still use Nokia Communicator or iPhone as life-style communication. Ohh yeahh sexy girls.. let's chat use your BlackBerry...