Monday, December 15, 2008

Dwi Putrantiwi Sexy Lingerie Model 2009 & Tips Choose Lingerie

Name : Dwi Putrantiwi
Place / date of birth : Jakarta, 10 Maret 1983
Height / weight : 170 cm / 52 kg
Occupation : Actress, Model
Education : Bina Sarana Informatika
Hobby : Sports, Shopping
Size : Shirts M : Pants 29 : Bra 36 C : Shoes : 39/40

all pic taken from popular magz

To find the best lingerie, first consult with your own mind. Are you bashful or proud of your body? Are you embarrassed showing much skin, or do you hit the beaches in tiny suits? Take some time to think about the way you feel about your body before choosing a piece of lingerie. On the other hand, some sexy women find that lingerie is like a costume: you can pretend to be freer and wilder than you usually are. Never forget that the purpose of lingerie is to have fun, to add spice to your life. You can certainly dress up to please a partner, but make sure it’s something you like, too.

Dwi Putrantiwi wallpaper photo