Monday, December 15, 2008

Most Beautiful Beach Girl, Maryana's Beach Safe Tips

Model Name : Maryana
Nickname : Maria
Place / date of birth : Surabaya, 10 Mei 1980
Height / weight : 162 cm / 45 kg
Occupation : Actress, Model
Hobby : Acting, Photo Session, Reading
Size : Shirts S : Pants 28 : Bra 34 : Shoes : 38

It is important to bring along your sunglasses when going to the beach, since prolonged unprotected sun exposure can cause cancer of the eyelids and skin around the eye. Without sunglasses, you can also experience sunburns that affect the cornea and conjunctiva, a membrane that lines the inside of the eyelids and extends over the front of the white part of the eye. No matter what style you’re looking for - make sure that your sunglass lenses have 100% UV protection to avoid skin cancer, cornea and conjunctiva disease. Let's use your sunglasses, and hope you can get sexy beautiful girls at the beach.

pic taken from Popular magz

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