Saturday, December 20, 2008

Emma Santos Sexiest Celebs Lingerie Thongs G-Strings

Name : Emma Santos
Nickname : Emma
Place / date of birth : Medan, 11 October 1983
Height / weight : 168 cm / 50 kg
Occupation : Actress, Model
Hobby : Singing, Travelling, Automotive

To build the perfect lingerie beautiful wardrobe, consider organizing it by theme. Buy lingerie sold for Valentine’s Day or Christmas , absolutely complete with Santa Hat or St. Patrick’s Day, with matching shoes. Collect bridal nightgowns or dress up like a nurse or a French maid, just for kicks or for a sexy Halloween. And for more modest but fun night fashions, explore retro lingerie styles-long, filmy nightgowns, lacy peignoirs and diaphanous robes.

Emma Santos sexy pictures from popular magazine

Most people prefer thinking that sexy beautiful lingerie is only for petite women or sexy women. That is not right, because there are a lot of sexy and sophisticated items available for any ladies. There are several different items that you can buy when shopping for underwear. There are thongs, corsets, girdles, g-strings, and bras. They also come in a large selection of material to satisfy any, even the most fastidious lady. Look at this, Emma Santos photos wearing lingerie but not foto mahasiswi telanjang.. she's very cantik sexy.

koleksi gambar Emma Santos

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