Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sexy Beach Girl Novie Amilia and Sunscreen Tips

Name : Novie Amilia
Nickname : Novie
Place / date of birth : Medan, 1 December 1985
Height / weight : 160 cm / 44 kg
Education : Actress, Model
Hobby : Photo Session, Singing
Size : Shirts S : Pants 27 : Bra 36 C

Novie Amilia pics taken from Popular magazine
Overexposure to the sun can be harmful, so be careful when you’re going to the beach. The ultraviolet portion of sunlight is an invisible radiation that can change the structure of skin cells. Exposure to UV rays appears to be the most important factor in the development of skin cancer. More than one million people each year are diagnosed with skin cancer, and this year alone, more than 50,000 people will find out that they have melanoma, one of the most common forms of cancer. So the best thing you can do is prevent early sunburns.

The rays of the sun are at their strongest from 10 am - 4 pm, so be especially mindful during that time. It is important to always wear sunscreen to reduce your risk of getting skin cancer and to slow the ageing process. So, let's go to the beach and hope can meet sexy girls like Novie Amilia, she's truly sexy beautiful beach girl.

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