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Five Vi : Artis Janda Muda Aware with Health

  • Name : Vivi Rahmawati
  • Nickname : Five V Rahmawati
  • Place / date of birth : Mojokerto, 12 September 1979
  • Zodiak : Sagitarius
  • Relationship : Iwan Setya Budiman (divorced), Henry Yosodiningrat (divorced), Alexandre Abulthuis
  • Daughter : Bilqis Emelisqi
  • Religion : Islam
  • Occupation : Actress
  • Hobby : Fitness
Filmografi :
* Terowongan Casablanca (2007), with Asya Shara, Ardina Rasti
* ML = Mau Lagi / Cintaku Selamanya (2008) with Ratu Felisha, Olga Syahputra

Sinetron :
* Janda Gambreng

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Five Vi Rahmawati Biography :
Vivi Rahmawati or Five Vi was born in Mojokerto, Jawa Timur, 12 September 1979. She is an Indonesian actress, more increasly famous after she act in Komedi Betawi in television. After divorced with Iwan Setya Budiman, she compete rights of foster children Bilqis until to the court because her daughter brought by ex husband. Then, Five Vi has become the fourth wife of Henry Yosodiningrat, a lawyer and Granat activis, but the marriage has only aged less than two month because Five Vi divorced via Short Message Service (SMS).

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Five Vi, Indonesian celebs who have big breast artis payudara besar. Is that original big breast or filled with plastic surgery? I don't know, because now many specialist doctor who can do breast enlargement, implant and augmentation breast by doing plastic and cosmetic surgery. But the most important is, Five Vi always aware and realize healthy is very important. She always fitness, life health and eating vegetables regularly to avoid woman diseases, like breast cancer or cervical cancer.

Because breast cancer is the second cancer dangerous disease after cervical cancer because Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that usually attack Indonesian woman. Five Vi also do cancer screening at hospital to detect cervical and breast cancer, she worry after her close friend had bad experienced with the cancer.

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