Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jennifer Dunn Cari Beasiswa Sekolah Scholarship

  • Name : Jennifer Dunn
  • Place / date of birth : Jakarta, 10 Oktober 1989
  • Zodiak : Libra
  • Occupation : Actress, Student
  • Education : Home Schooling
  • Hobby : Shopping, Travelling
  • Favorite Artists : Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, dan Brad Pitt
  • Dia
  • Dan
  • Atas Nama Cinta
  • Legenda Eps Malin Kundang
  • Bukan Salah Bunda Mengandung
  • Pesona (FTV)
  • Hidayah
  • Kutukan Cinta
  • Mudah Jatuh Cinta (FTV)

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Jennifer Dunn Biography :

Jennifer Dunn, artis pendatang baru was born in Jakarta, 10 October 1989. She is young, beauty and sexy Indonesian teen artists. Her career more increasly and popular after Jennifer join with mini serial television movies Dia and Dan, and the after Atas Nama Cinta. Although Jennifer Dunn not study the in formal schools (just only home schooling) and have sufficient financial, but she have high hopes want to study abroad and search for scholarships and student loans to continue her school. Jennifer had caught the police because of drug cases, in the car found a marijuana linting make it necessarily so for several months, and the name became overcast in the world of Indonesia entertainment.

Now she is free from jail's punishment, and have a life as an artist with starred some teen sinetron again. But she still have big hopes and have planning to go into higher education by search student loans financial program to continue her study at college and push education more smart. Maybe she still considering between will survive as an artist or prefer to continue school after obtaining financial assistance from her parents or private student loans. I hope she continue her study and immediately get financial loans to continue education to college.

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