Friday, December 19, 2008

Nabila Syakieb Bintang Sinetron Terkenal Indonesia

  • Name : Nabila Syakieb
  • Place / date of birth : Bogor, 18 November 1985
  • Zodiak : Scorpio
  • Mother : Huriah Nasir
  • Relationship : Yuri Kemal Mahendra
  • Religion : Islam
  • Occupation : Actress, Model
  • Education : Paramadina University
  • Hobby : Riding a horse
  • Favorite Color : Pink
  • Commercial Talent For : Pop Mie, McDonald, Xon-C, Putri, CK, Panin Bank

Nabila Syakieb pictures gallery

Nabila Syakieb, Nabila Syakib, Nabilla Sakieb bintang sinetron Indonesia was born in Bogor, November 18th 1985. She is one of young Indonesian famous sinetron stars who have intimate relationship with Yuri Mahendra, a son of Yusril Ihza Mahendra, ex Indonesian's Minister of Law and Human Rights. Nabila have unique hobby, she have 2 horses at Bogor and like riding horse and also involving in horse training camp.

On first career, Nabila Syakieb as a catwalk model. The name starts recognized when she was 16 years old, starring Cinta SMU sinetron as Putri duet with Faisal. Nabila who have Arabian bloody more recognized when staring "Anakku Bukan Anakku" with Roger Danuarta. Another patron had selections starred, "Maha Kasih", "Taqwa" with Indra Bruggman, "Kasih" with Alice Norin and Christian Sugiono. And, the last mini movie is "Yasmin" who starred with Richard Kevin.

pictures taken from Kapanlagi

Beautifully face of Nabila Syakieb also emerges in some advertisement like McDonald, and some cosmetic products in Indonesia. Do you think she's really beautiful and sexy actress? I think, she's the most beautifully actress especially the most beautiful bintang sinetron Indonesia.

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