Saturday, December 20, 2008

Alice Norin Artis Film Indonesia

  • Name : Alice Norin
  • Place / date of birth : Norwegia, 21 Juni 1987
  • Zodiak : Gemini
  • Father : Alfred Almendingan
  • Mother : Sofie
  • Relationship : DJ Riri Mestica (husband)
  • Religion : Islam
  • Occupation : Actress, Model, Disc Jockey
  • Education : Next Academy, majoring Broadcasting
  • Hobby : Clubbing, Travelling
  • Favorite Color : Red, Black
  • Commercial Talent For : Gerry : Romeo and Juliet, Starmild : Obsesi Sutradara, She, BCA, Viton, Hore

Alice Norin photo galleries

Alice Norin was born in Norwegia, 21 June 1987, she is a model and famous sinetron actress who have Indonesian nationality. Alice starting her career in world entertainment since 13 years old as a model catwalk. Besides in modelling world, woman crossbred Norwegia-Manado-Sunda which believe in this Islam even also starting of role world by staring some sinetron films, for example Wulan (with Asmirandah, Kinaryosih, Shireen Sungkar), Kasih (with Nabila Syakieb & Christian Sugiono), Diva, Teman Ajaib, Allah Maha Besar, Dia, Gadis and Putri Kembar, but Alice Norin never got bad gossip about artis bugil Indonesia who spread on internet.

Foto mesra Alice Norin-DJ Riri Mestica

Not only in the sinetron screen, eldest child from 3 are also reaching the big screen movie. Alice Norin plays in movie horror film Psikopat (2005), with the landing director Rudi Aryanto and producered by Andi Ekim. Now, she has married with DJ Riri Mestica, a famous Indonesian DJ and many DJ projects involved with Alice Norin like as director “Rusty Guitar” video clip.

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