Monday, December 15, 2008

Sexy Bikini for Sexy Women Celebrity

Name : Nira Ayu Amartha
Nickname : Nira
Place / date of birth : Jakarta, 29 Juli 1983
Height / weight : 167 cm / 48 kg
Occupation : Model, Actress
Education : London School
Hobby : Travelling, Shopping, Automotive
Size : Shirts S : Pants 27 : Bra 34A
pictures taken from Popular magazine

Torso length is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a bikini. If you have a long lower torso, choose a bikini that sit a little higher on the hips. Those having a short lower torso, opt for a bikini with low-rise bottoms that sit just on the hip.

This tip is for those who want to hide the extra fat from showing while wearing bikinis. Ideally one-piece swimsuit will look perfect on you. However, you can still look sexy in bikinis. Only don’t wear very tight and skimpy bikinis as that will make your skin look bulging out on the thighs and belly. Dark colored bikini will give you a slimmer look. On the contrarian, those having thin hips can go for bikinis that have wider and lower straps as those styles will add volume in the hip region.

Nira Ayu Amartha photo wallpaper