Monday, December 15, 2008

Sexy Swimsuit for Sexy Women Celebrities

Model Name : Fifie Buntaran
Place / date of birth : Pontianak, 4 October 1979
Height / weight : 170 cm / 50 kg
Occupation : Model
Education : London School of Public Relation
Hobby : Fitness, Cooking, Shopping, Reading
Size : Shirts S : Pants 26 : Bra 34C : Shoes : 39

pics from Popular mag

Shamed of small busts and wants to enhance it through a perfect swimwear, then try a padded plunge bikini top. This works exactly like cleavage enhancing bras that you normally wear and also avoid you to look flat chested on the beach area.

If you have a large bust, make sure you wear a swimsuit or bikini that is underwired. If you are not sure about your bra size, the key thing is to get measured and whatever your bra size, try the same size in swimsuit

More than 90 percent of all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure, yet fewer than 33 percent of adults, adolescents, and children routinely use sun protection. Melanoma kills more young women than any other cancer. So when you go to the beach or swimming pool, don't forget always use sunscreen protection, including a sun hat and sunglass to protect from skin cancer diseases.