Monday, December 15, 2008

Sexy Woman in Sexy Swimwear, Tina's Advice

Name : Tina Azhara
Place / date of birth : Surabaya, May 16 1979
Height / weight : 160 cm / 44 kg
Occupation : Actress, Model
Education : Trisakti University, majoring Air Transportation Management D3
Hobby : Reading, Sport

Who would think that apparel such as women’s swimwear could offer such a variety of choices in styles, colors and shapes? Nowadays women can find swimwear for slim, larger framed, tall and short figures, there is simply no limit to the imagination.

The difficult decision is when a woman has to decide which is the perfect swimsuit for her figure. These are some tips, each different swimwear is made for a determined kind of body shape : string bikinis are ideal for women who are slightly overweight, swimsuits that are skirt type are usually perfect for pear shaped women, the cut out swimsuits are for those women with thicker waists, while sports swimwear is for the more athletic figures.

pic taken from Popular magazine

Always use sun protective swimwear is an excellent sun protection for safety and effectiveness in blocking ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the main cause of skin cancer. Surgery is the most common and effective treatment for melanoma skin cancer. Depending on the stage of the cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are also some of the options your doctor may consider. So, don't forget to use UV protection swim suits and sunscreen when summer.