Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trio Macan Mandi Telanjang Bugil

Don't think negative.. it's just joke, please see above picture.. that's really trio macan which are taking a bath, do you want join with them? LOL..

Trio Macan is the dangdut singer group, consisted of Lia Ladysta, Iva Nova, and Dian Aditya, came from East Java and raise popularity through lyrics SMS song. Trio Macan also known as sensual singer, they always use mini sexy dress when they sing at stage. I think they are not only beautiful ladies, but also sensual sexy ladies.

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At the career, Trio Macan gain Best Dangdut category at MTV Indonesia Award 2006. They successfully overcome many dangdut professional singers like Inul Daratista, Ira Swara, Ayu Azhari, Titi Kamal and Syaiful Jamil. In middle 2007, they released new album "Aku Punya Nama" with the single hit "Lagu Sexy". Boys and men interest with Trio Macan, they always see swing their body and sometimes their ass when they are singing, it's makes burung ngaceng and maybe horny.

Goyang ngebor Trio Macan

Goyang gergaji goyang patah-patah