Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tyas Mirasih Not Cewek Bispak

  • Name : Mirasih Tyas Endah
  • Famous Name : Tyas Mirasih
  • Place / date of birth : Jakarta, 8 April 1987
  • Zodiak : Aries
  • Father : Surman Widiatmo
  • Mother : Hedy Elias
  • Height / weight : 168 cm / 48 kg
  • Relationship : Lembu Clubeighties (was), Raffi Ahmad (was), Bam Samson (was)
  • Religion : Moslem
  • Occupation : Actress, Model Videoklip
  • Education :
  • Hobby : Dugem
  • Favorite Color : Black, White
  • Favorite Food : Fried Chicken
  • Advertise : Bata, Eskulin, Fresh & Natural, Cussons Body Lotion

Mirasih Tyas Endah, also more popularly known as Tyas Mirasih was born in Jakarta, 8 April 1987. She's a model, presenter and sinetron artist. She started her celebrity career as cover girl finalist at Gadis magazine, she also has been appeared in several magazines as sexy model or hot girl model, but she's not cewek lonte or perempuan panggilan.

pic taken from Popular magazine

Her career increase rising and famous after she appeared as the model of the Ungu Band song videoclip Waktu and Seperti Yang Dulu, then followed property song Baim, Seperti Yang Kumau and Cintai Aku Lagi that was sung by Sania. Tyas Mirasih also known as sinetron star, the film was entitled Teman Tapi Mesra, Sepatu Kaca and Cinta Itu Nggak Buta.

Tyas Mirasih with ex boyfriends (Raffi Ahmad, Lembu Club Eighties)

Tyas Mirasih is sexy and hot girl, but she's not gadis bispak. Tyas Mirasih was ex girl friend of Lembu Club Eighties, Raffi Ahmad, and Bams Samson. And now, Is she available or not? We don’t know since Tyas Mirasih never shows her new boy friend up to now. Do you really interest making love with Tyas Mirasih? LOL

Foto cewek dugem Tyas Mirasih

Tyas Mirasih and friends on vacation at Bali Island