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Angelina Sondakh : Sexy Politician Woman from Asia

  • Name : Angelina Patricia Pingkan Sondakh
  • Nickname : Angelina Sondakh
  • Place / date of birth : Armidale, 28 Desember 1977
  • Zodiak : Capricorn
  • Father : Prof Dr Ir Lucky Sondakh, MEc
  • Mother : Ir Sjul Kartini Dotulong
  • Height / weight : 170 cm / 55 kg
  • Relationship : Adjie Massaid
  • Religion : Kristen
  • Organization : Democratic Party
  • Occupation : Actress, Politician
  • Education : SD Laboratorium IKIP Manado ; SMP Katolik Pax Christi Manado, Year 9-10 Presbyterian Ladies Collage, Sydney, Australia; Year 11 Armidale Public High School, Armidale, Australia ; SMU Negeri 2 Manado ; Unika Atmajaya Jakarta, Fakultas Ekonomi Pemasaran
  • Hobby : Reading, Swimming, Playing Organ
  • Favorite Food : Bubur Manado
  • Favorite Music : Classic, slow rock

Putri Indonesia photo gallery Angelina Sondakh

Angelina Sondakh Biography :

Angelina Patricia Pingkan Sondakh, better known as Angelina Sondakh is the former Puteri Indonesia 2001 from South Sulawesi. Angie, as usual she is called, is considered genius women's figure shows the wizard and select the political scene as a 'farm' actualization. This contrasts with some former Putri Indonesia earlier that actualization themselves on the stage and music entertainment. Through the Democratic Party, Angelina started her political career and the election of 2004, it successfully entered into by members of legislative party which brought Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as Indonesian President.

Along with himself, the star patron Adjie Massaid also become successful members of the DPR-RI from Democratic Party. Adji Massaid, eventually had close relationship and falling in love with Angelina Sondakh until now. Even many gossips said, they will be married soon after Indonesian General Election 2009 ended. Author books of "Kecantikan, Bukan Modal Utama Saya di Komisi X DPR-RI" prove that women are descendants of Manado is not only look and beauty capitalization. In addition, Angelina Sondakh also known and choose as Orang Utan Ambassador from WWF, Ambassador the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and also the Ambassador of Batik.

If United States had Hillary Clinton and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, The Islamic State of Pakistan had Benazir Bhutto, India had Indira Gandhi, Golda Maier from Israel, Philippines even have two, namely Corazon Aquino and Gloria Arroyo, Sri Lanka have Shirimavo Bandaranaike, the United Kingdom has Margaret Thatcher, Germany has Angela Merkel, and.. last not but least Indonesia have Angelina Sondakh as smart, clever and beautiful politician.

Partai Demokrat Angelina Sondakh

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