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Sheila Marcia : Actress Arrested in Jail for Drugs & Pesta Seks ?

  • Name : Sheila Marcia Joseph
  • Place / date of birth : Malang, 3 September 1989
  • Zodiak : Virgo
  • Father : Terence Philip Joseph
  • Mother : Maria Cecilia Joseph
  • Height / weight : 171 cm / 48 kg
  • Relationship : Adi Nugroho, Ricky Harun, Roger Danuarta
  • Religion : Kristen
  • Occupation : Actress
Filmography :
  • Ekskul (2006), with VJ Ramon, Samuel Zylgwyn
  • Hantu Jeruk Purut (2006), with Angie, Samuel Heckenbucker
  • Tentang Cinta (2007), with Vino Bastian, Fedi Nuril
  • Film Horor (2007), with Angie, Andhika Gumilang
  • Kereta Hantu Manggarai (2008), with Melvin Lim, Nadila Ernesta

Sheila Marcia - Vino Bastian - Ipank BIP - Fedi Nuril "Tentang Cinta"

Sheila Marcia involved love affairs with Vino Bastian ? really, i don't think so

Appreciation : Finalis GADIS Sampul 2004
Video Clip : Cobalah Mengerti (Peterpan Band)
Comedi : Extravanganza ABG / Sketsa ABG (Trans TV)

just sexy photos, not download film bokep Sheila Marcia
Sheila Marcia Joseph, more populer with the name is Sheila Marcia was born in Malang, Jawa Timur, 3 September 1989. Sheila started the career as finalis GADIS Sampul 2004, and be young talented actress in Indonesia world of entertainment. She is a sexy girls, young girls, hot girl, and also she have beautiful Indonesian face who can make all boys and men very interesting with her. Sheila Marcia sexy photos and foto hot Sheila Marcia was spread in the internet last years, Sheila Marcia the Roger Danuarta’s girlfriend (but has finished now) in those photos only wore hot pants and bra with kemben model. Sheila personally acknowledged if these photographs were her personal collection that was made last 2005, but Sheila feels very enjoying and told that she is ready to get naked in her next movie, to get a total expression in her act because “It’s not really me, I will show to anyone that I’m not just showing off my body, but also act.”

Sheila Marcia was arrested on August 7th 2008 in while said to be at a “drugs party” at the Golden Sky apartment building in Pluit, North Jakarta, and found to be in possession of 0.27 grams of shabu-shabu. Apart from the drugs, police also found a bong, lighters and rumor said the police also found condoms. Whether they had sex party and drugs party ? No one can explained it, even the police also refused comment. Kapolres North Jakarta, Akbp M. Rum menangkis that isu sex party, but he confirming that sheila was positive urine drug use there. After a hearing in state court, Sheila was get 1 year on prison sentence and must serve a sentence in the House of Detention Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Pondok Bambu consequences of drug use. I hope Sheila Marcia will free soon, and immediately undergo activities as an artist and get a normal life again as usual.

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foto hot seksi sheila marcia

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