Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chika Bandung, Foto Biodata Video 3GP

Chika Bandung, also known as Chika 3GP, Chika goyang ranjang, Cika mesum is a young girls mahasiswi Bandung. She is very famous in internet, last year she always has been search by thousands internet users in Indonesia. What's her name? Nobody's know about her full name, even nama lengkap, alamat rumah and nomer HP Chika.

gadis perawan Bandung namely Chika

More than 500 pics foto Chika has been spread in internet and into the men's indulgence to see her beautiful sexy body. But you never see foto bugil Chika telanjang and Video 3GP Chika here, because it's illegal and prohibited. According to news, Chika currently still kuliah study education at Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung (STPB), she is one of the most pretty student there.

Photo Chika tanpa busana, foto Chika seksi and pose hot Chika many circulating on the internet. Foto-foto Chika Bandung quality is very clear and good, may it taken by professional photografer. Here I also show Chika beautiful images with friends. In daily life, actually Chika Bandung is very polite, friendly, good and simple, is not it?

photo Chika Bandung and friends

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