Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Farah Quinn, The Sexiest Chef

Foto Biodata Farah Quinn

  • Full Name : Farah Fauzan Quinn
  • Alternative Name : Farah Quinn, Farah Ala Chef
  • Nickname : Farah Quinn
  • Place / Date of birth : Bandung, 8 April 1980
  • Height : 172 cm
  • Weight : 50 kg
  • Bra size : 34D
  • Relationship / Husband : Carson Quinn
  • Daughter's Name : Armand Fauzan Quinn
  • Occupation : Professional Chef and Pastry
  • Education : Pittsburgh Culinary Institute
  • Hobby : Cooking
  • Favourite Food : Europe, Australian, Chinese Food, Javanese, Japanese and Korean Food

photo renang Farah Quinn
Farah Fauzan Quinn Career :
- Host culinary program Ala Chef (from November 2008)
- Established Camus Restaurant, 2005
- Professional Chef at Lydia's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
- Pastry master at Arizona Biltmore Resort, Phoenix, Arizona
- Chef G-8 Meeting Conference at Sea Island, Georgia, 2005

Biografi Farah Quinn :

Farah Fauzan Quinn the hottest and sexiest chef in Indonesia, better known as Farah Quinn was born in Bandung, 8 April 1980. She spent much of his life in United States and through cooking education in Pittsburgh Culinary Institute. Farah Quinn is very popular because of her beauty and cuisine products are tasty and delicious, besides the body section such as gitar spanyol. Beautiful face and has long black hair and natural brown skin make her more favored by the many boys and young men.

galeri foto Farah Quinn wallpaper (source: FHM)

Farah Quinn, sweet sexiest chef that has size bra ukuran BH 34D. Her breast size is amazing makes most confidence. Her husband, Carson Quinn does not jealous when see his wife interact with many men and probably some of them are pria hidung belang. Buah dada Farah Quinn is quite large, so no wonder if many men often imagine her isi toket. Initially, Farah Quinn was pastry chef in Phoenix at Camus restaurant. Then, TransTV interest to make the event led by Farah Quinn, so she invited a host of culinary cooking programs called A La Chef.

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