Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marissa Nasution, Gadis Model Cantik

Biodata Marissa Nasution

Full Name : Marissa Nasution
Alternative Name : VJ Marissa, VJ Marisa, Marisa Nasution
Nickname : VJ Marissa
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 8 Februari 1986
Height : 174 cm
Weight : 58 kg
Ukuran Bra : 36C
Hair Color : Dark Brown
Eye Color : Brown
Zodiak : Aquarius
Relationship : Daniel Mananta (was), Ridho Rhoma (gossip)
Sisters : Carina Nasution, Juliette Nasution
Occupation : VJ, Model, Actress, Master of Ceremony
Education : High School and University in Germany, majoring Finance and Law Faculty
Hobby : Travelling around Asia and Europe, Writing articles, Sleeping, Listening Music

Prestasi / Appreciation :
- Fashion and Runway Model in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Singapore since 2005
- VJ MTV Indonesia since 2007

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Marissa Nasution Film Title :
- Namaku Dick (2008), directed by Teddy Soeriaatmadja and starring with Tora Sudiro, Davina Veronica, Richa Novisha, Maria Agnes, Indra Bekti and Arie Untung
- ML Mau Lagi? / Cintaku Selamanya (2008), with Ratu Felisha, Mike Muliadro, Olga Syahputra, Dr. Boyke, Hardi Fadhillah and Nadila Ernesta
- Mupeng (Muka Pengen) (2008), starring with Dimas Aditya, Mike Muliadro, Mario Maulana, Rizky Mocil
- Janda Kembang (2009), with Ringgo Agus Rahman, Rifat Sungkar, Luna Maya, Sarah Sechan, Sita Nursanti, Esa Sigit, Joshua Pandelaki, Edric Tjandra

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Biografi Marissa Nasution :

Marissa Nasution, better known as VJ Marissa or Marissa MTV VJ was born in Jakarta, 8 Februari 1986. She has mix blood Germany and Batak from his parents and she also has beautiful big boobs. Marissa starting entertainment carreer because an accident than planned, when spent summer holidays and must stay for 3 months here with hard confuse. She don't understand everywhere, streets and especially getting to used to the crazy traffic city.

Look at the pictures, gambar payudara toge Marissa Nasution so big and some people said she has ukuran BH 36C, even 36D. But I think she only have bra size 34C or 34D. The cewek seksi then started work as model, photo shoots session for magazine and doing fashion show but never Marissa Nasution bugil. After met boss MTV, her live has change and got position for VJ MTV Ampuh Stairway to Show. Who's her boyfriend? Previously she got love affair with VJ Daniel Mananta, but their love story ended though Daniel Mananta still love her. Perhaps Daniel Mananta seemingly do not want to bust loose from the beauty of toked gede and body section of Marissa Nasution who seksi menantang and challenging.

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Marissa Nasution
very happy living in Indonesia, for her living here is like stay in heaven and she get lots opportunity and learn someting new everyday. This is not just because of jobs, it's a life experience and VJ Marissa Nasution don't regret any day. Hopefully, she immediately got a new boyfriend (Ridho Rhoma maybe?), because her beauty of breast big boobs can anaesthetize every man who looked.

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